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A safer driving in winter for Uber drivers
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A safer driving in winter for Uber drivers

Driving in winter can be both boring and dangerous if you don’t consider a few things including safety tips. Uber drivers, as they might be driving for hours in winter and snowy days, it is a nice idea to give them a few tips for driving in winter. In this article, we are going to read and learn tips for safer driving in winter for Uber drivers together and see how we can enhance the quality of driving in snowy cold days. Read the article to the end carefully.














The items below are provided in this article

  • Why is it important to have a safer ride in winter?
  • 10 tips to have a safer driving in winter for Uber drivers
  • Always-keep tools in winter
  • Conclusion

Why is it important to have a safe ride in winter?

When it is heavily snowing, driving would be much harder and more dangerous as the streets might be slippery and the rate of accidents would increase. It is a safer idea to refuse to drive on risky days, but sometimes it is impossible to avoid driving specially for Uber drivers! So, it would be absolutely important to be aware of a few tips which lead you to a safer ride for both you and your passengers.

10 tips to have a safer driving in winter for Uber drivers

Simply, if you consider the following 10 tips, you will have a safer ride but note that, even in a safe ride, there is a chance of risks. So, you need to be still careful even if you obey all the safety rules.

  1. Have a bag of cold weather facilities in the trunk. This bag can be filled with warm clothes, medications, flashlight, flammable materials and tools, blankets, power banks, food and water for more than one person (for you and your probable passengers).
  2. A spare inflated tire. Note that your current in use tires should be all inflated and properly working.
  3. Extra fuel (even if you have a full electric vehicle) plus snow chains must be always with you. Don’t forget to have the fixing tools and red triangle. Making sure that all the lights of the car, specially the hazard lights, are working properly is essential.
  4. Check the accelerator and brake before going out and make sure if they work properly.
  5. Keep all your focus on driving. Avoid any action which might distract you such as texting with a phone.
  6. Use the main routes as they are more crowded and less slippery. Besides if you get stuck in a wider road, it is more probable to receive help earlier.
  7. Keep the pace slower. It is always easier to control a car when it is riding slower.
  8. Always be prepared for the worst events. Although it might look a little pessimistic, being prepared for the worst is always better than not being prepared at all.
  9. Keep the connection. Try to have a good signal and be connected with someone in a safe situation who can send you help in difficulties.
  10. Stay with your vehicle when you get stuck in snow. Even if you think by leaving your vehicle you can find help easier, first try to stay with your vehicle as long as possible.

Always-keep tools in winter

There are some tools you need to always carry in your trunk, but some tools are more necessary to be kept in winter. Use the checklist below to make sure you have all the needed tools in your vehicle for necessary occasions.

  1. Snow chains
  2. Tools to change a tire
  3. Flashlight
  4. Spare tire
  5. Tow rope (wire)
  6. Gloves
  7. Firing stuff
  8. First aid kit
  9. Ice scraper
  10. Antifreeze liquid
  11. Extra fuel
  12. An empty bottle to keep fuel
  13. Food and water
  14. Warm clothes
  15. Blankets
  16. Medications
  17. Etc.

Note that it is a better idea to keep all the tools in a separated plastic bag and label them so that you can find and use them more easily. If it is possible, try to have more of each mentioned tool and stuff as you might get stuck in snow for hours and not alone (you might be with your passengers). Any other things you think can be helpful if you carry, consider them but make sure your vehicle doesn’t get too heavy.


Driving in winter can be safe if you are aware of the probable dangers and keep the safety pack with you. Drivers usually forget to keep some safety tools with them in the trunk as they get used to driving on long warm and safe summer days. Another thing which you need to check before driving in winter is to make sure that you have enough fuel in the tank and if your vehicle is hybrid or electric, the battery is fully charged. Beside make sure that the car oil is proper and all parts of the vehicle specially the heater, are working properly. In this article a few tips and a list of needed tools in winter was mentioned that can be helpful for all Uber drivers who drive in winter. We hope you always have a safe ride no matter if it is in winter or not. Keep the driving safe and let your passengers feel safe too.

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